Established Business

Business Strategy

Does your model to deliver the specifications reflect where your business is going?

Technical Expertise

Does your capability match the skills of your competitors? What is your competitive advantage based on your past experience and future direction?

Contract Management

Do you have systems or can you interface with government systems?

Relationship Management

Can you be a brilliant no surprises partner at scale and/or complexity?


Are your compliance systems scalable? Do you systems provide appropriate levels of assurance?


Do you have value for money, innovative, social benefits, policy aligned offering and pricing?

As an Established business, looking to go grow:

  1. Are you a new or start up business?
  2. Do you need some direction in how to set your business up to grow?
  3. Do you want to submit tenders for future work?
  4. Is your business compliant?

We suggest you start here:

We offer the following:

  1. 101 How to Tender
  2. Tender Document Review and Strategy Articulation
  3. Reporting (including KPIs, Monitoring and Evidence)
  4. Customer Service Plan
  5. Compliance System Development
  6. Government Representation
  7. Tender Support

Jo Brownlee, Future Perspective has my highest commendation for her guidance and ability to write and correctly word proposals to government. Her understanding of government and their mindset is second to none,  and on the two occasions I have engaged her,  I have found her services invaluable.  Jo is able to work under pressure of deadlines, and on each occasion, the extracting and co-ordinating of  responses from our team members was done with aplomb, discipline and decisiveness, and I was able to count on Jo delivering on time. Jo’s special attributes are that she understands government and how reports and proposals should be written to them, and in maximising contact outcomes. Jo has demonstrated a flair for project management.
Jo is a valuable asset, and a welcome member of our team, and I will continue to engage her for document and bid preparation to government and industry, and project management.  Jo is an easy, but forthright person to work with, and if you are wanting submission writing and on-going liaison with your clients, she would be an absolute asset for you.

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