Before you get a contract you need to get the opportunity to submit a tender, proposal or quote.

Winning the first tender you submit is possible, but it is better to think the investment in time, dollars and effort will reward you over the longer term.  You will reuse sections of your tender each time and then only need to create new sections that specifically relate to the tender in question. You will get better at what you need to write to satisfy each tender the more you write.

Improving your chances of submitting a winning tender is a matter of understanding what the tender evaluation panel is looking for and get support from others that know how to tender.

The amount of assistance you need depends on how many tenders you have written before, the areas of your business that you need assistance with, if you have written up your products and services and how you deliver that product or service.

Future Perspective can provide tender services for everything but not pricing.  Pricing is a business decision that may be strategic, competitive or sustainable.