Business Strategy

Do you have a model to deliver the specifications?

Technical Expertise

Can you provide the products/services based on your past experience?

Contract Management

Are you a good contract partner?

Relationship Management

Are you a good relationship partner?


Can you demonstrate you are trust worthy?


Do you have value for money offering and pricing?
Business design and strategy – Strategy and design is the means by which complex ideas can be presented so that the team, funding providers, stakeholders and clients can understand your vision, what success looks like and how to get there. Would you like to design The Next You?
Procurement, tenders and contracts – Tenders and contracts are the means by which organisations and government seek suppliers, award and manage the work and relationship. Future Perspective facilitates better tender responses from businesses. Would you like to join up to a course or receive some consultancy services?
Government and corporate applications – Government or corporate applications are the means by which businesses access grants, research and development and other money/funding. Future Perspective can create an investment logic that will align with government and funding body needs.
Compliance and systems – Compliance and their systems is the means by which business manage their regulatory and quality requirements in a manner that is thorough and consistent. Do you need to formalise your processes?

Access consulting $150 p/hr including GST