Business Strategy

Have your business needs been specified to the satisfaction of all stakeholders?

Technical Expertise

What technical expertise is required? What is equilivant past experience and competitive advantage that would enable broad consideration of offers?

Contract Management

Have contract management and performance management techniques been built into the contract design?

Relationship Management

Have relationship management techniques been built into tender design?


What scale of compliance provides confidence and assurance for the level of risk?


Do you need a tender evaluation facilitation?


Future Perspective’s resilience, prosperity, capacity building, and analytical approach brings to the table and ultilises expertise including:

  • procurement, tenders, contracts and grants
  • project management, risk mitigation, performance measurement and evaluation
  • contract management, stakeholder and relationship management
  • governance strengthening, risk management, business continuity, audit, and compliance
  • program logic and business case development
  • sustainability and environment, and
  • emergency management.

This exposure allows Future Perspective the ability to quickly adapt to a client’s needs as well as draw on lessons and skills learnt across many sectors.

We suggest you start here:

We offer the following:

  1. Investment Logic Mapping and Strategy Services
  2. Procurement Facilitation Services
  3. Governance, Audit and Risk Services

Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Division, Department of Environment Land Water and Planning – creating funding agreements which enable to the team to deliver the intent of the funded iniative with good governance and traceability.

County Court of Victoria – creating audit committee strategic program that oversights audit, risk and compliance within the business units of the Court.